Stiglingh, the head of the UP tax department proposed that the unemployed should be asked to contribute to society at a wage sufficient to allow them to live rather than do nothing (and receive financial assistance). She regards this as outrageous but says that one should consider this. There is a SA precedent for this; I recall that my spouse's oupa strung railway fences for half a crown a day after the Second Boer War.


Foresight: Eskom has said that its rolling blackouts this weekend occurred owing to


CIPC switched to a new platform 2 months ago: this would have taken service to a new level. Hardly. If this remotely interests you (one is tempted to say that this might have been expected and is so pass


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I regret that the content of this section is lost in the ether & I have no time to retrieve this--as these things go there has been a spate of very interesting cases. I shall republish these next week.


Het meest confortabele bed is dat van een vrijgezel. Jonckheere


It took over 10 years to obtain the damning report on the fairness of the 2002 Zimbabwean election that was presented to our State. Mr Mugabe is a long time ally of the ruling party and its democratic stance is clearly for others only. One wonders whether anyone will face any consequences for misleading the public and suppressing information that should have been placed in the public domain.

I have an article by Steinberg in which he says that, when it comes to schooling, the argument that monopolies, which provide shoddy services should be exposed to competition, does not hold. He investigates why parents lock their children into schools that cannot possibly benefit them. The argument cannot elegantly be summarised and, if this interests you, ask me for a copy.