Our total State debt is set to rise to 49.8%. Whatever the State says, this is unsustainable. It will cost us approximately 9.3% per annum more just to service our debt. The projected cost of servicing debt is expected to rise to R150bn by 2018.
It will be interesting to see whether our new Minister of Finance will succeed where Pravin Gordhan had failed i.e., in implementing savings. In the case of Gordhan, the Cabinet simply did not approve of what he had suggested.


The Post Office on strike: who would have noticed? If it had not been for the newspapers and the absence of the delivery of Government Gazette


The inaugural issue of the Pam Golding Residential Property Index stressed the improving residential property market. I confess to be sceptical as the stats is based on repeat sales methodology. Besides this, the following interesting facts (?) emerging therefrom are a statement that the market is characterised by low stock, a reiteration of a swing towards smaller homes and an indication that 15% of our total residential property market is sectional title.



Underhand/Under hand: I have always wondered as to the origins of the word underhand. In Afrikaans we have a penchant for stringing words together, leading to a somewhat unfortunate meaning in the above words. The first is defined as dishonest, deceitful. The second, in South African law, means without certain formalities. From a quick look it would appear that especially in British law there is a more marked difference in meaning.

A Midrand magistrate was caught taking a bribe in the Krejcir case in order to make an extradition case "disappear". Eina.


Desperation and leases

Most bonds entitle the bond holder (the bank) to claim rentals, emanating from the property bonded, if the property owner does not pay its bond instalments. In this case the respondents in a claim for arrears of rentals and damages, contended, at the last minute, that only the bank had the right to claim rentals. One must applaud them for bravery.
Bedford Square [2014] JOL 32409 (GJ)

An empty judgement?

This week past the constitutional court gave judgement in a matter where the SAPS had appealed against a human right grouping seeking that the police be ordered to comply with domestic and international law and investigate crimes against humanity committed in Zimbabwe. We all know that the 5th Brigade committed tens of thousands of murders in Matebeleland some 20 odd years ago. Clearly this must have been sanctioned by Mugabe. I would be extremely surprised if he were ever brought to justice for this.
Attachment of funds in a bank account

The provisions of rule 45 (8) (c) provides that the attachment of funds in a bank account shall only be complete when notice of the attachment has been given in writing by the sheriff to all the interested parties. If such notice is not given, the attachment is irregular.
Riordan [2014] JOL 32423 (GJ)

Sale in execution: debtor


Mother! Being happy: research done by Harvard University over a period of 75 years has shown that those persons in


She: This one is described as full-bodied and imposing with a nutty base, a sharp bite and a bitter aftertaste.
He: Are you describing the wine or your mother?

Paddy says,