Although increasingly common nowadays, the legal act of ending a marriage remains a challenging and difficult experience. Taking the steps to terminate a marriage can be accompanied by much emotion.

Our attorneys are aware of this and try where possible to offer solutions that ease the conflict and costs that can come from divorce negotiations.  Mediation is one such opportunity. It involves open, honest communication that can result in the best solutions for all concerned.

We are cognisant too of the sensitivities around child related matters, and that each family is unique in what will best work for them. So if you are contemplating divorce, talk to one of our experienced and empathetic attorneys.



  • Financial and forensic investigation
  • Divorce and its consequences, local and foreign
  • Custody, care and access or contact in regard to minors and children’s rights
  • Maintenance issues
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Relocation of divorced parents with minor children to foreign countries
  • Mediation