A small report, stating that the Japanese have created a series of robots that would plant lettuces and tend them from germination to harvesting, was published this week. It is said that this would boost production by 25% and halve labour costs. Wait.

This week there was much to do about artificial diamonds and how to identify them. Pragmatically speaking, what is the difference?

An interesting series of articles on Zimbabwean energy was published this week. Its Energy Minister has announced a 25% power cut at several key mining and industrial operations in the country. This is a follow-on of low water levels in Kariba. Zimbabwe has not increased its power generation capacity since 1980.

Let them have it? The Harvard Business School has published research indicating why women are not found in leadership positions as often as men. The answer is simply that they don


Many moons back the Community Schemes Ombud was created in order to adjudicate upon disputes that arise in residential complexes. This worthy has now been appointed and will be collecting a monthly levy from all owners in such complexes starting at R3.40 for properties valued at R500k and going up to R 68 for units valued at R2 .5m upwards.

The Zimbali estate in KZN has been rated the most exclusive estate in South Africa by Hurst & Wills.
Second in line is the Gentleman



Act 70 of 70 dilemma

Instead of a portion, the whole of a farm was transferred to a purchaser. The difficulty, faced by the plaintiff (obviously the seller), was that the deed of sale incorrectly reflected the intention of the parties in that only a portion of the farm had been purchased. If one were to claim rectification, there of then the purchase would be contrary to Act 70 of 70. Accordingly he claimed that the entire purchase should be set aside. The problem, stated otherwise, was that a document, that is invalid because it fails to comply with the statutory requirements, cannot be validated by rectification. What to do?
Le Roux [2015] ZAWCHC 133

Incorrect servitude on diagram

A property owner buys a property which is subject to a servitude which is incorrectly recorded against the title. How should this be set right? The parties applied section 33 (1) of Schedule 6 of the Constitution to address the problem. This boils down to attacking an administrative decision and asking for review of the Surveyor General


When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.
Oscar Wilde