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The draft Preferential Procurement Regulations have been leaked. The biggest change in the draft is for tenders less than R10m, where half of the score is price-based and half is based on preferential scores for those who had no franchise in the national elections before 1983.

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The RAF has paid a woman (Koch), who was betrothed, but not married, in lieu of loss of support. The pair had been living together for close to 9 years. This is a further extension of our common law to protect dependents (read duty of support required) in a permanent life partnership.

Attribution principle and trusts: these rules allow one to tax income in the hands of a beneficiary rather than a trust, which has much higher tax levels. The Davis committee has recommended that this rule be dropped. Eina.


Reciprocal obligations of seller and purchaser

In the transaction where the purchaser was late in paying the transfer fees, it denied liability for the resulting late registration penalty as the seller had, at the time that the purchaser made the payment, not yet paid the rates and taxes. The court confirmed that the seller was entitled to delay payment of rates until the purchaser had paid the costs, and, as these were reciprocal obligations, the purchaser was not held liable.
Mr LED [2015] ZAGPJHC 137

Mandament van spolie v builder




Economist Dawie Roodt wrote an open letter following on his being attacked in his home. This prompted questions on safety, the slow deterioration of our country, the contempt institutions are held in, inferior leadership and thence to the almost inevitability of further state failure. I


BEE: One hears (from Cosatu) that the Bok team is facing a total blackout?

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