Draft regulations have been published that will compel retirement fund managers to drop performance fees on default investment options. Regular readers of this will recall my disgust with Sanlam over this issue some years back.

The Department of Labour is said to be on the cusp of prosecuting some 1400 companies for failing to submit equity plans or to implement them. One is tempted to speculate on a dark outlook for non-compliant businesses


Listed property fund Tower is making its first foray into residential property through the development of a residential node within the Cape Quarter precinct, Cape Town.

The number of flats and town-house units completed in the five months to May contacted by more than 22% compared with the same period last year.

It is reported that two communities in the Richmond area are setting up forestry contracting businesses on land previously owned by Mondi. One wishes them luck. It is, at best, a slow business and, from experience, most such communities have greater and more urgent needs that can be serviced by such land.

Sectional title properties are outperforming the full title market. Loos attributes this to financial constraints.

Our national office vacancy rate was 10.5% in June. Premium-grade offices are still in demand.


It is reported that in the UK, the latest must-have for wealthy couples, are infidelity clauses in their pre-nuptial contracts. You sleep around, you lose everything.

Our General Council of the Bar has acknowledged that its transformation efforts have failed


Can a non-owner let out property?

Yes (much like the sale of an item) the lessor must only make the undisturbed use and enjoyment thereof available to the lessee.
Ububekezela [2015] JOL 33475 (GJ)

Failure to report accidents after insurance policy commences.

An insured had minor accidents after insuring his car


Who built the seven gates of Thebes?
The books are filled with names of Kings.
Was it the Kings who hauled the craggy blocks of stone?
And Babylon, so many times destroyed. Who built this city up each time?
In which of Lima


Much has been said about Bill Cosby and his past indiscretions. However, would you allow your 15-year-old daughter into the Playboy Mansion and expect nothing to happen?

Go figure: our steel producers are closing down. The government has spent the past 10 years trying to strong-arm that industry into adopting developmental steel prices but pay developed economy costs. And now the IDC has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Chinese Hebei Steel to build a brand-new, larger-than-Mittal integrated plant here.

Whodunnit: our police Minister is considering using lie detector tests to discover who leaked information that our IPID boss gained her job owing to her family


Doctor: Now I need to look at that thing that gets you into so much trouble.
She starts taking down her knickers.
No, no, no .. just stick out your tongue!

I used to date a hoarder, and she broke up with me. That stings extra hard