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www.sascholar is a new app which both searches for bursaries and keeps a log to remind grantees of the lapse/renewal of bursaries.

An article from Biznews written by Bruggemans and Prof Estherhuizen warns that the trend of corporates leaving South Africa has accelerated. They describe local business as a rearguard action whilst expansion takes place elsewhere. This migration is ascribed to the delay in growth-oriented plans being implemented.

An interesting discussion emerged on the EU not attracting better qualified immigrants compared to the USA. This, it is said, is owing to the narrower wage gap in Europe than, for instance, the US. Highly paid persons would be more likely to immigrate to the US as they would be disproportionately paid whilst the bottom end of the labour market would be inclined to immigrate to Europe where they are guaranteed a reasonably decent salary.


BetterLife Home Loans reports that-


Training associates & developing your practice:

The Shuttleworth case:


Damages for adultery

Some time ago the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that one could not claim damages for adultery. This decision was appealed against.



Fore! The Swiss ambassador


When last did you see Van der Merwe stories? It is a genre that seems to have died off. Looking at them again, they seem fairly juvenile and, probably not all that funny. I suspect that it was funny when you were 15 and the context has changed?

Old Koos was a courier for a leading tour bus operator. Being a "verligte" he took the opportunity of telling a multiracial group of tourists about to set off for the Garden Route that race was of no consequence to him.
"I am not worried about black or white," he said. "As far as I am concerned you could all be green!"
"Now, all aboard!! Dark green to the back, light green to the front!"

So van der Merwe goes to the railway station, and at the ticket office asks: "A return ticket please."
Ticket man: "Where to please?"
Van: "Back here, of course, man!"

"These rooinekke are not so bad when you get to know them," said Van on return from a visit to England.
"Hey, they take you home, share their bed with you and give you breakfast in the morning - all for no charge."
"Did that really happen to you, Van?" asked van Tonder.
"No, but it happened to my sister," said Van.

Hy was n baie ywerige prokureur..het selfs sy dogter Sue genoem!