The possibility of a Grexit is drawing much attention of late. The following I found interesting, as my perception is that the Greeks, increasingly, have little stomach for austerity:


First it was Cuban doctors, now Cuban engineers. I was quite surprised by the announcement by Consulting Engineers SA that there is a 40% underutilisation of local consulting engineering capacity in South Africa. For this reason, that body is resisting the deployment of Cuban engineers in the Free State in order to improve service delivery. If that body is correct then, indeed, importing Cuban engineers seems unnecessary. However, we all are aware of the parlous state of municipal engineering and, if only for that reason, one must have sympathy with the import.


Andrew Golding says that with inflation forecast to be averaging at 5% this year our house price increase will probably exceed this. I confess to being sceptical as this does not match up with the predictions of our bankers. What is somewhat more cheering is that South Africa ranks 22nd in the global property market, when taking inflation into consideration. The PGP Index indicates that the property price band of less than R1m, had grown by 9.1% in March this year and, aside from the R3m+ band which is lagging, the others are stable. The outperforming regions are Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

Predictions of that rental rates in higher quality super-regional malls are set to maintain current levels, whilst moderate declines of forecast in smaller malls in peripheral areas. One of the reasons that this is attributed to is that higher-income households (who shop at larni malls) tend to be less sensitive to inflationary pressures.


The Constitutional Court is currently hearing a case in which the ownership of reclaimed land will be debated. Initially, communities were to own land through a democratically elected body such as a trust, community association or the like. Now the State seems to favour ownership vesting in traditional councils, headed by traditional leaders. The difficulty with the latter solution is that traditional leaders may gain personal power and wealth at the expense of their community. Essentially the Constitutional Court will be asked to decide whether a community, which had gained restituted land, might again


Opening of new municipal accounts where rates are outstanding; S118

It is an oft encountered problem that municipalities refuse to open a new municipal services use account for a new owner before the previous owner






The suspended Wits SRC thrower of faeces, has ranted on


An ageing playboy consults his doctor: