It is reported that BEE is one of the primary drivers of mergers and acquisitions in South Africa. This brings to mind a quote which is particularly apt:


Statistics from Jones Lang LaSalle show that the total purchase of office, industrial and retail properties, by listed investment trusts, declined by 43% last year. Interestingly the slowdown is reported to be attributable primarily to a decline in willing sellers rather than a shortage of buyers.

Nedbank is reported to have maintained its market-leading position as financier of commercial properties.

It is reported that prime properties overseas are experiencing dramatic price growth. This is attributed to the world (read


Land claims nonsense

The latest SCA judgement on land claims in Limpopo is available as case 116/2014 (Mowbray). The court describes the conduct of the Land Claims Commissioner as sad and inept. For those who have an interest in such matters only.

Causality in delict

A recent case against Prasa turned on proof of negligence against the operator of the train. The court found that the operator had been negligent but was not prepared to attributes the harm that was caused to that negligence. The appeal judges differed on the causation of the damage as the complainant was unable to prove that link. Amongst others the


A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.
Henry Ford


A major general in the SAP has been labelled as dishonest by a judge of our High Court in Pretoria. One is instinctively outraged: factually such pronouncements have become so commonplace that we have accepted our police, the Hawks, parastatals and indeed most of government as being corrupt. To report on these things is hardly newsworthy. That, in itself, is a tragedy which has and will cost us dearly.

As I have said before: Rhodes left behind many with great reason to dislike him. I suspect that the best vengeance we can visit upon him is to keep the name that dying town in the Eastern Cape. I was relieved to discover that Rhodes introduced the first racial policies of this country. In fact, if one were to believe Steve Hofmeyr, our black compatriots brought racial discrimination upon themselves. If we dig some more I


Emo Philips:

You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life.

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.

After forty years of marriage, a wife asked her husband to describe her.
He looked at her for a while, then said:
"You're an alphabet wife... A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K."
She asks: "What the h@ll does that mean?"
He replied:
"Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant, Foxy, Gorgeous and Hot".
She smiled happily and said:
"Oh, that's so lovely, but what about I, J, K?"
He said: "I'm Just Kidding!"
Swelling in his eye is going down.
Doctors also hope to save his t@sticles.

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