Voodoo accounting: A lot has been said about black ownership on the JSE of late. It appears that direct black ownership of JSE traded shares, accounts for only 10% and the balance of 13% (accounting for a total figure of 23%) is derived from indirect black ownership. Even this measure seems mired in dispute. It would appear, after all is said and done, that there is no currently reliable method of determining what the exact black shareholding in the JSE is.

The cost per job last year, for the Jobs Fund, was R52k per job, excluding administration costs. The cost of creating a job in the agricultural sector would be much higher. At this rate we should simply be expanding our welfare system.

Strike season: The NUM has called for maximum unity during wage talks. Wage demands range between 15 to 25% in the gold sector. NUM wishes to double the bottom end wages of workers to about 12,000 per month. The difficulty with the figures that we are presented with is that one is presented with basic wages by the


Pay disparity: much is said about the constantly unflattering South African Geni coefficients. A report on the FTSE top 100 executives


This week past, John Loos addressed us in Pietermaritzburg on the residential property market. In essence he predicts a


Most of our older practitioners would have


Incorporation of legislation into contracts

An aside, a case, published last week, dealt with the introduction of statutory provisions into contracts making them binding on the parties. When doing this one has to be cautious as provisions that would bind non




A bunch of concerned citizens on the nudist beach in KZN:


The manager of a brokerage firm notes a new employee counting put and call slips faster then he has ever seen anyone do it before.