Pay back the money! Our budget speech has elicited the usual rash of hand-wringing comments. An exception (a partner of mine calls him an apologist for the state) was JP Landman, writing for Nedbank: He says this was a good budget, realistic and consistent. (Going sideways, I could not help but wonder whether Nummawan, who will be answering all of 6 questions in Parliament, will regard a query regarding the time of his repayment as the 1st of those?).

One interesting aside is the intended


Many business persons have come to the realisation that keeping fit allows one to absorb stress and can be great fun also. HIIT; high


Last week I reported plans to list focused residential property funds on the JSE. This seems to have become the rage; there are several such developments in the Rosebank, Illovo


Tata ma chance:

Do the proceeds of a lottery ticket fall inside or outside assets that have to be shared in an accrual marriage? The excessively erudite prof. Sonnekus says that this has not been adjudged upon but, in his view, the answer depends upon from whose pool of funds the money for the ticket was drawn. If no communal pool of money was drawn upon, then the proceeds should be taken only by the payer (he clearly is an academic). Ask me for a copy


Improving property bought but not transferred

Conveyancers repeatedly have to deal with persons who buy property and who wish to improve this before transfer thereof into their names. Most deeds of sale deal with this by saying that if the transfer falls through, any improvements will not be compensated for by the seller. In this case, flats had been improved and, when the sale fell through, the would


Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century. Everage

People seldom become famous for what they say until after their famous for what they


Three blind Ref's, see how they're wrong (get the tune?) On the Sharks having been robbed of a Naas who is himself a Blue Bull: "Its not forward if you are from Pretoria."

Our ambassador to Japan regrets having fudged her having a doctorate


The Pope said it: