An interesting take on the strength of the dollar is that it


4AX: 4 Africa Exchange. A new wannabe stock exchange is to be launched. If successful, it could cripple the AltX, the current small and medium


Much has been said of late on investing in listed property shares (unit trusts) following on their stellar performance on the stock market. The reasons for such an investment, rather than direct investment, is said to be the following:


The defence, in the Burry Stander case, argues that, in the absence of traffic, one is allowed to turn right, across a solid barrier line. One wonders what the end result of this will be.


Company domicile

A company in liquidation, when faced with a claim, argued that on liquidation all trading had been suspended and the company thus no longer had a place of business. Therefore jurisdiction against those entities could not be founded upon their place of business within the jurisdiction of the relevant court. This, surprisingly (!) did not find sympathy with the judge.
PMG Motors case 866/13 SCA

Disputes between neighbours

Such cases are tiring as both parties work themselves up to a point where they become totally unreasonable. In this case the objection was against a wall and a tennis court which spilt light into the neighbouring property. What bears repeating is that in such cases there are usually several angles which have to be taken into consideration. Ownership is not absolute. One has to take into consideration the social utility, economic waste and neighbourliness that accompany such disputes.
Richter [2015] JOL 32774 (GJ)

Costs de bonis propriis

Generally speaking, our courts award costs (i.e. the loser pays both its and the winner


September 1998 : disorder in Parliament is nothing new:



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