There are two basic master narratives about capitalism that has been circulating in the West since the time of Adam Smith. One is that capitalism is exploitation, the other is that capitalism is liberation. Space precludes a discussion but I refer you to the following site:

Another interesting video is on poverty and the cause thereof; it can be found at:
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In 2014 the average growth rate in house prices, for the major metro regions, was 6.8% (an average for all properties was 7.2%). The average growth rate for (formerly) black townships was 9.5%. This, according to John Loos (FNB), reflects a supply constraint, relative to demand.
On March 12 TMJ will be hosting a property seminar featuring Mr Loos as key speaker in Pietermaritzburg. I will be sending out invitations but suggest that if you wish to book your spot now, please let me know. Mr Loos is probably the most well-known commentator on property price movement in South Africa.

Analysts, on average, forecast 8.5% percent nominal growth of house prices for 2015


A recent Labour court judgement, reported on in the newspapers, recorded the Labour Court approval for the dismissal of a Home Affairs official who had taken one packet of Marie biscuits to provide a faster, preferential service. The court found that it was not about the value of the gift but the principle




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Jonny Steinberg is a wonderful commentator on South African politics. He teaches African studies at Oxford. He asks how those in government were blinded by the enthusiasm to change this country and what went wrong. He opines that leaders of exceptional foresight and courage might have spoken out against the creeping corruption and lack of delivery that our country finds itself in. Those that would so speak would firstly require an intellectual rigour to see that the question of how the ruling party managed itself and its conflicts would come to matter most; secondly they would require the courage to say so; and, thirdly, the skill to craft a language to talk of these things in ways that would have resonated in the ANC


A disturbing statistic, drawn from last year, is that some 25% of women iare on medication for a mental condition of one kind or another. Frightening: this means that 75% of the women out there are not being treated.

The legendary Bob Hope-
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