The sale of copper is a bellwether for commodities in general. The plunge in copper stocks and copper prices is an omen for the performance of our global economy.
The Jerome Levy Forecasting Centre says that there is a 65% probability of a worldwide recession this year.

Switzerland discontinued the cap (introduced in 2011) of the Swiss franc against the euro, which move sent the Swiss franc soaring by 30% which, in turn, caused a carnage in Swiss equity markets (fearing an affordability impact on Swiss exports).

QE vadis? The quantitative easing, on the cards for the Eurozone, will be interesting to watch. Opposition from Germany will be fierce and some economists doubt whether the remedy will be effective.


From December 17 a Motor Industry Ombub will assist to resolve disputes between vehicle sellers and buyers who have reached deadlock.

Peer-to-peer lending is burgeoning. One wonders whether its direct local competitor, African bank, would ever be able to compete effectively with such lenders.


Remax has sold a 45% stake in that company to a black woman


AA in the liquidations industry: last week the High Court ruled against the Department of Justice


Compensation for life

Until now our law has not allowed a claim in favour of a child who was born and whose birth was negligently not prevented. In a case delivered late last year, such a potential claim was found to exist.
H v Fetal Ass Centre Constitutional Court, case 74/14

Lex domicilii matrimonii

Under common law the matrimonial property regime that applies to a marriage is (broadly stated) determined according to the law applicable in the husband


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Daddy takes his little boy to the zoo. When they get back, mommy asks: