An Investec strategist has questioned the Reserve Bank regarding inflation targeting as its primary mandate. He suggests that if the Reserve Bank would pursue a


The i6 will be priced at about R12.5k when it arrives on 24 October; eina.


The listed property sector is currently returning 14% total return for the year.

Our Minister of Human Settlements is looking to the private sector to assist meeting the national backlog of about 2.3 million homes.


A note in the NewLawJournal (UK) criticises the introduction of mediation and additional stages in the litigation process in the UK. The criticism centres on much of the cost, that is generated by especially mediation, being irrecoverable as costs are not necessarily allocated as would be the case in formal litigation. I don


Incorrect municipal accounts

A recent case is illustrative of the dysfunction of and failure by a municipality to take responsibility for its accounts. In this case transfer of the property had taken place,yet the new owner kept on receiving accounts which were not it's to pay. At long last it brought an application to compel the municipality to amend its records. Instead of simply complying, the municipality threw up a host of excuses, defences and the like. The court order was eventually given against the municipality; one wonders why the officials concerned took the long route rather than merely complying with their obligation to provide proper accounts.
Canton Trading ECD case 3717/13

Fairness in contracts
Is it possible to renege on a contract on the basis of unfairness? Generally, no. Our common law has developed over centuries and the perils of choosing fairness above the agreement was recently considered by our Constitutional Court. The decision reached was that one was bound by one's undertakings (in the absence of fraud or illegality). There are a few statutory exceptions and these may be of interest to some. Ask me for a copy of an article on this issue by Dafel.

Does the Consumer Protection Act apply to property transactions?

Essentially, no. This issue, as well as the application of this act to share block sales, timeshare sales and housing schemes for retired persons are discussed by Prof Delport. Worth a read. Ask me for a copy.

Estate agents



Gasa, a researcher at the Centre for Law and Society at UCT, says that there is a move afoot to consolidate and build traditional leadership as a basis for political dominance. He says that the presentation of laws, based on culture and custom, together with future land claims, is done to further this agenda, and, if so, these might well take us back to the logic of apartheid. I take this with a pinch of salt.

There were signs that the Catholic Church might engage with gay Catholics in order to find a


A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?
Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. Sayings by Stephen Wright

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